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Re: It's on by default

digital ed wrote:

I loaded Win 8 using the Windows virtual disk capability, not a separate loader.

But, what boot loader are you using to start it?

If you are using the Win 7 bootloader to start a copy of Win 8 installed to a VHD, then you may have potential corruption issues, since Win 8 may not fully unmount the file systems it has access to upon shutdown with fast boot enabled (as it's my understanding you need to use the Win 8 boot loader to control loading of other Operating Systems to insure Win 8 fully unmounts any file systems it uses before another OS is started).

So, when you run Win 7 and change anything in those file systems, then start Win 8 again, it may assume that nothing about the file systems it was using has changed since Win 8 was used last (assuming that anything in cache that was reloaded in a file it saves to disk for that purpose was still unchanged, any data that wasn't flushed yet could still be safely flushed to the same locations on those disks, etc.).

If it's totally isolated in a true Virtual Machine with no shared partitions (where it only has access to the VHD you installed it to), that's one thing.

But, if it's just installed to a VHD and being started by another boot loader, and still has access to the same partitions other operating systems have access to (for example, the partitions being used by your Win 7 install), I think you're just asking for trouble by leaving Win 8 fast boot enabled.

Personally, I'd make sure to disable fast boot in a multi-boot config of any kind.

Frankly, I'd disable it anyway, even if Win 8 was the only OS I was using on a PC, just to be safe and make sure the file systems are always fully unmounted upon shutdown, and so that I'd get a clean startup each time with full reinitialization of all hardware resources being used by the OS.

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