Supplying images optimised for Retina displays

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Re: Supplying images optimised for Retina displays

Brent Allen Thale wrote:

Many Retina-class displays are on mobile devices that inherently support reverse-pinch-to-zoom, so images get zoomed and resized much more frequently than on an old-school PC monitor. Web-resolution images break up pretty fast when zoomed at all, but a Retina image holds up to some pretty severe zooming, so that might be an additional reason to use Retina.

I was wondering if anyone would use this argument. Non-retina devices can pinch zoom just as effectively as retina devices can. Whether the display is retina or not makes absolutely no difference. The advantage retina displays have is displaying more detail WITHOUT zooming. But in that case, you need the visual acuity to see the difference. Is there a difference? Sure there is, but most people will not be able to tell the difference between a photo of the same dimensions displayed on a regular iPad for example compared to a retina iPad. Text and graphics? Yes. Photos not so much.

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