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NYCphotoman wrote:

Why not get the other Quantum packs?  They are simply not as easy to service like the original turbo.  In photography, equipment usually goes out at the wrong time.  If your Turbo SC or 2x2 goes out then its going to take days to weeks to get it re-celled.  The original battery is a lead gel cell which can be found in certain stores around here or you can have it overnighted to you.  Then you slip in the cell yourself....all for about $20+shipping.

Quite true...

Unless you REALLY need the lighter weight, or smaller size or longer duration that more modern up to date battery packs provide then the 'old' turbo is pretty hard to beat. I have a Turbo SC that conveniently fits in my camera bag, barely noticed, that I use to power a Trio, also in the bag. But my main battery sources of this type are Quantum Turbos.

They are larger, heavier - maybe made of cardboard(?) - but they just work. I've never bought a new one (they're ONLY batteries after all), and I've never been disappointed with the ones I've bought for ridiculously low cost - used.

Replacing a battery in these is so cheap that it really does compete with rechargeable AA's making it a consumable rather than a capital expense. In the UK  a replacement battery is around £12. A complete Quantum overhaul (if you send one to them for a battery replacement) is around £80. Even so, they're still cost effective even at this price and you benefit from receiving back a brand new Turbo in the same cardboard box casing.. Quids in!

Although I take two Turbos for every flash on each assignment, I rarely need more than one. Often, I'll need to use a turbo in addition to an SC, so maybe the Ah of the SC's are not so great and maybe what the new Turbo 3's improved on?

If you are REALLY doing long duration work then the Lumedyne VHX or VHF type 'Megacyclers' are just as good. For size comparison the duration would be about the same for factory fitted batteries, but by adding higher Ah batteries to the 'mini' batter chamber of the Lumedynes you can easily increase the duration without very much increase in size. Because the batteries can be swapped out, larger batteries can be fitted - obviously making the whole package that much larger - but at least you can choose what you want to add or what you need. Size isn't always a limiting factor. The largest battery that Lumedyne supply is a 7.5Ah battery. Like the Quantum's these can easily be user replaced at minimal cost since they're Lead Acid Gel cells.

Interestingly, the Lumedyne megacyclers can fit to a car battery giving you around 35Ah of duration. Maybe thats too much information for what you really need 

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