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Generic street photography advice

1. Learn to idenfity good street photography. If you can't identify other photographers' good street photography, then you can't possibly be a good street photographer yourself.

2. Curation is a key skill here, and goes back to point #1. I am sure that Garry Winogrand and Bresson and those guys took a lot of lousy pictures, but they knew which of their pictures were good enough to show to others, and you never saw the bad ones.

3. Good street photography has generally been done between 24mm and 50mm focal lengths (in 35mm equivalent). Your best bet is 28mm or 35mm if you are starting out.

4. Technical quality of the camera and lens isn't very important, and is much less important than getting a good shot. There are those who feel they need to buy a very expensive camera and lens in order to do street, but in fact you can use an inexpensive compact camera or even an iPhone.

5. There have been street photographers who were in-your-face, and those who tried to take pictures without ever letting the subjects know their photos were taken. If you want to be the latter kind, I recommend small cameras with silent shutters. Remember rule #4 above: you don't need a D800E with an f/2.8 zoom to be a good street photograhper, and a huge camera like that would scare people anyay. I personally really like the Panasonic LX7.

6. Fast shutter speeds are very important. 1/1000 of a sec makes things really easy. Motion blur ruins a street photo more than noise.

7. Know your camera really well. Whatever camera you use, you need to know it inside and out to maximize your success.

8. There is no one who makes a living from doing street photography, so it can never be anything more than a hobby.

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