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boot loader setup...

digital ed wrote:

Interesting information Jim. Did not know this even though I have a dual boot Win 7 Ultimate with Win 8 Pro PC.

It probably depends on the boot loader you're using how much of a potential problem you may have in a Win 7/Win 8 dual boot setup.

The last article I referenced goes into how that works in a bit more detail:

Apparently, if you use Win 8's boot loader for starting Win 7, it may be "smart enough" to fully unmount the file systems it's using before booting into another Operating System (e.g., Win 7).

But, personally, I wouldn't risk leaving Win 8's fast boot features turned on in a mult-boot config of any kind.

Frankly, I wouldn't risk using that feature if Windows 8 was the only Operating System being used either.  It's just not worth the risk from my perspective, as I'd rather have everything fully unmounted each time, and have all hardware fully reinitialized at each startup.

So, personally, I'd just "play it safe" by turning off that feature, so I'd make sure the file systems are fully unmounted and I'd get a "real" (clean) shutdown and startup instead.

Even without the potential file system corruption issues, Windows is not exactly a "poster child" for how it handles making sure all hardware is still working and properly initialized after using something like sleep or hibernate, and it sounds like the new Fast Boot feature is just too similar for comfort.

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