Feedback: 5DMKIII or 6D? (longish)

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Re: Feedback: 5DMKIII or 6D? (longish)

One more thing...  banding.

I hear this about Canon sensors (coming from Sony sensors) and it concerns me.  But I really don't have a choice (given all the other constraints/practicalities) but to go with Canon.  And I figure the Canon FF in question here actually isn't going to be my extreme environment tool and subject to heavy pushing in RAW.  (It's a long story of what I do with my cameras and I'll leave that for people *particularly interested*, which I won't assume to be you guys.)

I guess I'm asking the dual questions of:

1) Whether anybody knows of significant improvements made about this with the 5dMKIII and/or 6D, and if more progress was made for one model over the other?

2) How limiting is this, say... compared to an APS-C Sony Exmor sensor?  Hoping somebody here has experience with both.

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