Feedback: 5DMKIII or 6D? (longish)

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Feedback: 5DMKIII or 6D? (longish)

Hi there.  I apologize beforehand if this is repetitive or annoying in whatever which way.

I'm a NEX user who enjoys that system very much in its own right, but also with an EF-to-E Speed Booster.  The latter is what brought me to the Canon fold.

I decided that there were instances in which I didn't have the luxury of time for manual focusing (people/event photography), nor was the subject matter still enough for moderate-aperture native lenses w/optical stabilization to work.  For those situations I needed PDAF and big, fast primes.  As much as I loathed the size/weight of FF dSLRS (sorry, coming from film SLRs and now MILC), I realize its necessity for some of the stuff I'd like to do.  So I'm going to get one, and it's going to be either a 5DMKIII or a 6D.

My girlfriend has a 5DMKII (another reason why I've been brought into the Canon fold), and I can't say I like shooting it that much.  My seat-of-the-pants impressions of what I found displeasure in (please feel free to correct if there are explanations/corrections; I do not hold these to be particularly accurate):

1.  Mirror slap.  Guh.  Feels like "ka-boink", but doubtlessly this is because I've been spoiled by the particular advantage of mirrorless, and one with an electronic first shutter.  I hear that the 6D mirror is quieter than the 5D MKIII.  Thoughts?

2.  Shutter lag.  I don't know whether it's the throw of the shutter button or something, but I feel like the shutter lag of the 5DMKII (in MF mode, taking AF out of the equation) to be substantially longer than that of my mirrorless.  I realize that more things are going on for a FF dSLR, but has there been an improvement over the 5DMKII for either of the cameras in question?

3.  Autofocus.  Quite honestly, I expected better... but then again my expectations might not have been realistic.  (I'm not comparing it to mirrorless CDAF, as that's a rather low bar.)  I realize that AF speed is partly a function of the lens.  My concern is that acquisition fails more than I thought it would in low light (as tested with the EF 100mm f/2 USM, Sigma 35mm f/1.4 A forthcoming might be better here?).  Of course, low-light is relative.  The 6D supposedly has that magic cross-type -3EV in the center.  The 5DMKIII supposedly has a gazillion -2EV corss types all around.  Are these substantial improvements over the 5DMKII?  (This might be my worst-worded inquiry.)

Another concern that isn't something I'm at all familiar with is that of flash.  I do not shoot flash, being a landscape shooter and sometimes taking quite too much pride with extreme ambient light shooting.  But I realize that it might be very important for event work.  I've read that the 6D was somewhat down-spec'ed as to leave model-differentiation room for the 5DMKIII.  Does it matter?  (I am relatively clueless about flash photography.)

Not that money is no object, but I'd rather have the right tool for the job.  Thanks for any insight y'all might able to shed.

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