Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

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Re: Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

dark13star wrote:


Thanks for your feedback. I've enjoyed a lot of your advice since I started participating in this forum.

I've definitely considered the Nex-6 as an additional body too. I have a 7 and an original 5.

All technical specs aside, I'm just really intrigued with some of the results I see from the Fujis and that is why I am biting the bullet and giving it a try.

I do all my own fine art printing (I send out snapshots) on an Epson R2400. I print matte, and frame and even build some of my own frames. I started in the darkroom years ago. Anyway, my largest prints are 13x19, so 16mp is enough. I've really enjoyed the ability to crop out of Nex-7 photos though.

I am a Raw shooter with a dedicated workflow, so that is going to be a key part of my evaluation. I read so much on both sides and I guess I'm a find-out-for-myself kind of guy

The camera will be here tomorrow, so I think I'm committed to the evaluation now It doesn't mean I won't get the Nex-7 replacement, but I don't wait for camera bodies either. It will also be interesting to see the replacement to the X-Pro1. There is always something better on the horizon.

Again, I appreciate your feedback.


Thanks Rich.

There have been several Nex users that migrated from this Forum to the Fuji forum, as they traded their Nex system for either the X-Pro1 or the XE-1 Fuji cameras.

I have not been following their posts, but did come across an occasional discussion which led me to the conclusion that there is no free lunch anywhere.

The Nex has quirks, but so does the Fuji.

Both Sony and Fuji have been listening to their customer feedback, and have made the products improve over time.

What I have noticed, is that more 'experienced' and 'professional' photographers tend to favor Fuji - for a number of reasons: the gear is more expensive, the achievable results are high(er), the cameras are larger, and the cameras are more rare. For professional photo-shoots, a Fuji system passes easier as 'professional' than a Nex system, it seems.

To me, a lot of the discussions are about 100% crop, and marginal quality issues (CA, PF, distortion), which tells me that either camera system will get the job done, and is more subject to photographer, lighting, subject, framing, etc., than the gear itself.

The dedication of Fuji photographers shows in their pictures, imo, as well. These same photographers would get good images with other camera systems too.

But even I notice that with high-end legacy (RF) lenses, I easily get higher IQ out of the Nex cameras than with 'just' the E-mount lenses. Maybe not because the lenses are better, but because I try harder....

Do compare your post-edit results, as the OOC images vary wildly, and Fuji is known for more optimized (aggressive) JPG output, whereas Sony is a lot more neutral. After post, the images look very much alike.

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