24mp sensor for m43? 3.2micron pixel pitch!

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noise and diffraction effects will suffer.

And for what gain?

We already had all the resolution we needed when we hit 8 mp.


When viewed at the same size, diffraction actually has LESS of an effect with more pixels than with less, so you do still gain a little even in diffraction limited land (although not as much as the difference in the number of pixels).

And as I've mentioned, when viewed at the same size, noise is not worse either with the latest of today's technology.

So you really lose nothing (except file size) and gain the potential to crop or enlarge.

Sure noise can be worse. Take the NEX-7 at 24mp and the NEX-5/6 at 16mp. At high ISO's the NEX-7 has worse noise than the 16mp cams when viewed at the same size, especially printing 12x18@300dpi or bigger.

and yet the new nikon d5200 is the best aps-c yet?

I said can be. Not all sensors are equal. The D5200 sensor is newer. But the 24mp and 16mp Sony sensors are of the same generation more or less, using the same technology. Obviously as tech gets better well have a better noise threshold per the same pixel size. But we are pretty close to hitting a brick wall right now as far as noise levels, which probably won't be significantly improved with out engineers really thinking outside the box and coming up with something very new and different.

I would bet that a 34mp Toshiba sensor using the same tech as the 24mp Toshiba sensor in the D5200 would produce more noise when viewed or printed large. Now if you just downres it to weeny sized prints or monitor viewing, sure they will look more or less equal.

Here it is.......

But who wants a high pixel count camera for monitor viewing or small prints like 8x10's. The whole reason for a high pixel count is to print bigger without having to use as much interpolation.

So if you are not printing gigantic there is no reason to $$ for higher resolution sensor.

The reality is that for most folks 16mp is more than adequate for the sizes they print.

You mean 8 mp.

But I like big prints.

How big?

Bigger than 16" x 20"?

12mp is more than adequate for that.

In the case of the Sony comparison, when uprezed to a 20x30" print at 300dpi, there is no visual difference in resolution when viewing the print even up close.

hardly anybody prints that large.

I have only printed that large twice in my life, for a trade show.

But if those were iso 3200 files, the 24mp Nex-7 file would show more noise as we're slightly pushing both files past their original size.


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