We really have a very good lenses choice. Agree ?

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Re: We always did........

tedolf wrote:

what was really outstanding about u 4/3 right from the start was  the whole world of SLR and Rangefinder lenses that became available to us in the normal to telephoto focal lengths.  Some of these lenses were just outstanding and could be purchased for a fraction of what high end glass for Nikon and Cannon AF FF costs.

Also, available right from the start was Voightlander high speed high quality glass in native u 4/3 and M mounts, and Cosina just keeps on going.

I also give Oly and Panny credit for developing wide angle lenses first (9-18mm 7-14mm) after the kit lenses where legacy glass did not make any sense.

The Samyang fisheye, a great lens also came out pretty early.

So right from the beging we had great glass availsbe.

Can't say the same for Samsung with there stupid non-rangefinder lens adaptable registration distance.


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