Apple's golden opportunity re Aperture: the possibility of Lightroom in the cloud

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Re: Apple's golden opportunity re Aperture: the possibility of Lightroom in the cloud

noirdesir wrote:

Matt Shelton wrote:

I'm telling ya, although Adobe says that Lightroom isn't going subscription-based and into the cloud like the rest of Adobe's creative products, the possibility of that eventuality has got to have a lot of Lightroom folks scared.  As a single individual user of Aperture, I first would hate to have to pay for it month after month,

That is correct.

and second, I'd hate to have to rely on the reliability of cloud-based computing when importing, performing intensitve editing, etc.

And that is not correct. The only required 'cloud aspect' is that you need to be connected to the internet once a month (or every three months if you get a yearly plan) for the application to check whether you keep paying.

I don't know if it is a failing of Adobe that so many people stop reading after the word cloud or just a sign that emotions runs so high that people's ability to absorb the presented information goes out the window.

Interesting.   I was assuming that the programs were actually running in the cloud, which too me is just preposterous.   So I am an example of someone who stopped reading Adobe's press release after "subscription" and "cloud".  I'm not alone.   To me, as I originally believed, there were two distinct issues:  a) that I would have to pay monthly in perpetuity for something that I used to just be able to purchase once and b) that heavy duty computing would be done "in the cloud" and would be subject to the variability of my internet connnection.   I'm very glad that the second issue isn't an issue at all. However, having to pay a subscription in perpetuity is a non-starter for me.

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