RX200...too good to be true?

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Re: RX200...too good to be true?

accupix wrote:

I'm not going to read all the previous 50+ posts, so apologizes if I am redundant. Sony usually introduces new versions of each model annually, and June 6 is the anniversary for the RX100. The RX100 is a hard target to make meaningful improvements on. I was sadly let down when a year after using HX9V, Sony introduced a model above the discontinued 9V with an inferior lens, and a model below the 9V with it's good lens, but without the 9V's great shooting software features. I was not happy again until I got my RX100, so I hope Sony does not make the same mistake again in the name of replacing the RX100 with cost-cutting features, or creating a more costlier version just to stretch the spec's for the sake of  'newness.'

or maybe they will follow the current also rans (Canon) and just introduce a new model and keep the old model going anyway.

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