Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

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Re: Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

dark13star wrote:

Nicholas W wrote:

As long as you're comfortable with going down to 16mp, losing focus peaking and a movable viewscreen, the Fuji looks like a great camera. I love the retro style of it.

Yeah, really valid points that I'm considering.

Focus peaking is why I may keep my Nex-7 body for legacy lenses, even if I love the Fuji. I also really like the Sony-Zeiss 24mm and the Fuji 23mm isn't out yet. The lack of moveable LCD is a real issue. I'm trying not to make any decisions until I get them both in my hands though. I guess I could do worse than end up with two great systems (hope my wife doesn't read this)


I have a Fuji XP1 that is a decent camera, and definitely nice if you like the old camera feel.  I actually prefer using my Samsung mirrorless so the Fuji is going.  I think I would feel the same with the NEX, would prefer a NEX 6 to the Fuji, but lens selection might drive me to Fuji.  The Fuji does have excellent lenses for fair prices though (fair relative to the Zeiss lenses).

The Fuji is an excellent high ISO camera.  Focus performance is probably fairly similar to NEX, as with any system, lens is probably more important than body in terms of focus performance.  It also has that special feel that almost any other camera on the market is missing.  They definitely are geared towards different markets, but will appeal to both.

I think focus peaking is not necessary most of the time, it can be useful, but find the displays are often high enough resolution to give the same ability to focus.  I do find the lack of articulating screen annoying in the Fuji sometimes.

The Fuji is one of the few mirrorless cameras I would actually consider using for shooting an event or wedding too.  It has a decent enough bounce flash, good up to high ISO, great lenses, a nice sized grip, etc.  So if I didn't have an SLR for that purpose I would have kept the Fuji.


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