Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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No it's not a software conflict--what was I thinking?  My daughter installed Canon's software on her MacBook and it did the same thing.  I had the pic in question printed at CVS and it came out wrong but in the opposite direction.  The sky was an unrealistic bright teal color.  Where can I get the pic printed so I can really see what it is supposed to be?  Remember this pic was taken straight off the camera--no editing of the original file.

I don't think anyone was suggesting a software conflict, more likely a workflow problem. Printing from a different platform is not going to change things if the same workflow is used.

I don't remember all the details, but you were printing from Windows, using an un-color managed program such as Windows Picture Viewer, or something similar. With such an application you have no choice but let the printer manage color, which should work just fine.

I think that later on you posted screen shots of dialogs using Photoshop, with Photoshop managing color, but with wrong profile selected – an sRGB workspace profile instead of a paper/printer profile.

The easiest thing would be to let the printer manage color, and ensure that Photoshop is set for the printer managing color. If you want to post dialogs showing all your settings, from start to finish, I will have a look at them and see if I can fathom where you are going wrong.

Brian A

I gave up on using Photoshop.  It's an old version and I don't really know how to use it anyway.  So, I am back to try to print through Windows Photo Viewer.

Here is another one of the pics I have been trying to print.  With no adjustments I get purple bottles.  I have tried adjusting the printing properties in the dialog box.  I have -15 magenta, -15 yellow and the brightness on light.  The bottles come out a dark, almost navy blue.  When in addition I put cyan at +15 there is no difference at all.


Two months ago I downloaded and printed one of your photos on my Canon 9000 MKII which as close as it gets to your pro-100

As you saw, the "Blues" were not "Purple"

By the way what most folk call blue is really Cyan and true optical blue is more of our common called purple.

You should not need to adjust any of your sliders.

When you do that to say pull out some of your purple, you are in reality globally shifting your hues so not only are you affecting your unwanted purple shades but also everything else. Imagine if you had a neutral tone somewhere on that image, it would shift and no longer be neutral because the sliders affect everything. It's not like Photoshop or Lightroom where one can indeed shift specific colors one way of another. Imagine if your image contained flesh tones and you shifted the sliders. You would end up with the flesh hue being off.

Printing on a MAC if you have Colorsinc ON could introduce problems. Specially when trying to print from an ICC profile.

Please list for us, EVERY single detail of your printing work flow. Nothing is too insignificant. So this way we can tell exactly what you are doing and then we can go from there.



By the way I just printer your image shown here and it matches what I see on my monitor. Including the blue bottles.

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