Stupid Mac is locking raw files!

Started May 8, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Stupid Mac is locking raw files!

Why is it that some people who love PCs purchase a Mac, do not learn how to use it and then look for help on a Mac forum while ranting about their crappy Mac? Doesn't it occur to them that it isn't a very good way to obtain assistance?

Do yourself and everyone else a favor: Sell the Mac on CraigsList and return to PCs.  Then you can get together with your Mac-hating friends and have a blast putting down Apple products...

Or... You can act like a grownup, drop the attitude and politely ask for help without the histrionics. Since describing a computer problem is often problematic (particularly when you aren't familiar with the proper terminology...) posting a screenshot can be very helpful for people who are attempting to figure out what is going on.

I also suggest getting a copy of David Pogue's Missing Manual for Switchers for whichever operating system you are using. He goes into detail about the differences between Macs and PCs as well as providing an excellent easy-to-read operating manual for Macs.

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