All purpose lens set for beginner?

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Re: All purpose lens set for beginner?

uhligfd wrote:

And I am so glad Trax87 asked about "one lens" to start out with. Let us respect her/his wisdom on that. I did decades ago and a few years later I progressed lens-wise.

After learning to see and take images.

Many lenses, all too soon, spoil visual growth.

I can't tell if you're actually suggesting the OP only wanted a single lens, or if you're saying the OP should have asked for only one lens. Perhaps they should have considered only using one lens, but they definitely didn't want that. "Lens set" means more than one lens.

I agree that there's value in having a limited selection. However, recommending a zoom negates any benefit that comes from limitation. Not only will a zoom not teach a photographer to master a single focal length, but the e-mount zooms aren't excellent at wide apertures.

Your other response mentioned you were tempted by the Sony 35 for its maximum aperture. I agree that it would be useful, but I'd still just recommend the Sigma 19 & 30 primes; with those two lenses, you have decent low-light performance, and a little cropping can give you the same focal length flexibility as a zoom. With the money you save over the Sony 35, you could buy a great tripod to negate the difference between the Sony & Sigma max apertures.

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