All purpose lens set for beginner?

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Re: All purpose lens set for beginner?

Trax87 asked "All purpose lens  for beginner?"  [I conveniently dropped the included word 'set' in the quote, did i not?]

His grammar looks as if he/she was looking just for one lens, otherwise he/she would have asked for 'All purpose lenses  for beginner' (plural).

So one lens to begin photography with as a hobby. Just one, uno! Not a bag full, as so many here are suggesting.

Given the question, there are two ways to go: get the kit zoom (16-50 or 16-55) - OR - get  one "normal angle of view" lens. a prime, as we call it. Then I would suggest the Sigma 30mm EX DN, the frist, cheap kind ($ 99 now).

He/she is a beginner and so I suggest cheap but good lenses for her/him. Quite adequate to learn with and grow by.

And I am so glad Trax87 asked about "one lens" to start out with. Let us respect her/his wisdom on that. I did decades ago and a few years later I progressed lens-wise.

After learning to see and take images.

Many lenses, all too soon, spoil visual growth.

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