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Re: 'Emotional' my $%^&

digital ed wrote:

You are obviously unfamiliar with Surface Pro whose OS is Win 8 Pro. Can run exactly like a Win 7 Ultimate when Classic Shell installed. I find no limitations in operation compared to Win 7. See my previous post.

Classic Shell and all other add-on should be out of the question in discussions about Windows 8, because we are discussing Windows not some 3rd party software. Anyone can make any kind of software that will transform the UI of an OS to something completely different and the possibilities are endless. It's great to know such tools exist but they are not part of the OS so they are irrelevant here.

By the way, your post does sound emotional.

You can't expect anyone to avoid being emotional because a preference naturally triggers an emotional response. There's no such thing as an objectve assessment of Windows 8. Therefore, emotional responses are really what matter and what affect the sales of the OS.

BTW, I think Scott provided some good examples of how the new UI hinders efficient workflow.

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