All purpose lens set for beginner?

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Re: All purpose lens set for beginner?

Agreed. In order of use for me: 30mm Sigma (>50%), 19mm Sigma (>25%), 50mm Sony (<10%) - if I know I am shooting indoors, 10-18 Sony (still haven't warmed up to it). 18-55 sitting on the shelf. Those Sigmas were the best bargains I ever got and I paid full retail of $199 each! By far the sharpest of the bunch I have.

The 50mm is a bit limiting indoors because it's too long. I am hesitant to add the 35mm Sony but can see where that might be more useful to me than the 50.

I will be looking at the 12mm CZ to replace the 10-18 zoom - possibly. Maybe the CZ Macro when it comes out because I would like to get a little closer to subjects like flowers. And I would like a decent tele but from what I have read, the 18-200s aren't that great in the 100+ range. A friend bought the 55-210 and said it was the worst lens he ever had (and he has some crappy kit lenses on his old Nikon).

Finally, I use an EF 300mm with an adapter. It really shows you more of the NEX-7 capability. Just not very portable.

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