All purpose lens set for beginner?

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Re: All purpose lens set for beginner?

I've gotta echo Nicholas W's suggestion. There's not much to dislike about the Sigma 19 & 30 primes: they're cheap, they're small, they're relatively fast, they autofocus, and they're sharp. Grab those in a package deal. Cheap legacy primes are fun, but they're bulky and require manual focus. The Sony 35 is (supposedly) very good, but it's more than twice as expensive. The cost/benefit ratio doesn't seem optimal.

I'm not a stickler about the technical quality of my lenses, but my 18-55 is downright cringeworthy at f/3.5. The Sigmas are both sharp at f/2.8. I still use the 18-55 if I know there's enough light to shoot at f/5.6, but I wouldn't buy it if I didn't already have it lying around. It's not versatile enough.

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