D600 oil design problem - latest serial # - is it fixed ?

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Re: No, it's not 'fixed' STEVE....

Nikonfan99 wrote:

Good luck with getting an answer. I had never heard of steve and all of a sudden he showed up in the FX forum. He said he had been shooting with his d7000 and was contemplating a d600 and got one. After that he became the self appointed naysayer. Saying he has "no d600 issues".  When challenged he responded by saying he had not used the d600 that much and he shoots landscapes and (forgive me if I dont have the exact quote) usually shoots a lower number of shots. This was after I challenged how this issue will not always show up for a while 2,000+ shutter count. He had no real response to that. Just kept saying 0 dust. which is as true as we never landed on the moon and followed that up with no proof. Just kept saying he has no issues and never helped with any real long term solution and even after nikons own admittance, the "i have no issues" games and "just send it in" continued. Here we are with people still having the issue and he has some grand wisdom and insider information to which he cant prove or share yet he can make blanket statements like 0 dealers lie about this issue or that he knows things we dont. He was quick to throw aound how long he has been a member and how many posts he has 18,000+ to which I asked what that has anything to do with? guess what? no response. So please enlighten us simple souls with this amazing insider information that thou has and make it good. Keep in mind both my 2012 serial number  and week or two old serial number 307 have the exact same issue on the left side of images. Not that I am returning the cameras or selling them. I am wet cleaning them but lets not pretend the situation is something it is not. Shutter replacements have not been a 100% fix and his GAP he refers too was first noted by lenserentals and as a possible source. Well my new camera has a Gap too? I guess nikon just forgot to remove it on my week old high serial number body from a brand new sequential batch. Lets start with that name at nikon first.

Yes, seems like the quintessential "blowhard", just spewing garbage and littering the place. This forum should get a medal for putting up with his 18,000 posts.

I know nothing about the internal workings of a D-SLR and if I "speculate" about the cause of the D600 dust/oil issue, it's just that - speculation. As far as B&H goes, I find their telephone salespeople to be very chatty for the most part, quite often giving out information that should not and probably is not available to them. OK, someone may know or guess that 200 D600 bodies have been returned, but does he also know that B&H probably has sold maybe 20,000 units? Maybe Henry P. can clarify this.

I appreciate the first-hand brutally honest reports of the D600's problems and Nikon's utter failure to recall all affected bodies. They should post an advisory to customers to take the litmus test-shot as soon as they receive their camera and if there is an abundance of dust in the upper-left corner of the image to immediately send it to them. They should have also given these customers a "no-questions-asked" refund option, IMHO.


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