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Re: Cheetah battery

Lithium batteries are hazardous and more volatile (explosive) then NIMH.  Here is a good article which explains my point:


Some people may make the case that since a lithium battery is in their Iphone then Lithium is safe to use in a large battery pack.  However, those lithium batteries in your Iphone are made according to rigid standards and supervised by Apple.  Those lithium batteries are different then they kind produced by a lower budget unknown operation supervised by no one in particular.

If you google "lithium battery explosion" a lot comes up.  The NIMH batteries do not explode on the other hand.  Some of us do put our equipment through a lot and so its important that the battery pack can go through a lot.  A fire or explosion taking out our equipment (and maybe the event venue as well) isnt a good thing and can ruin our career.

Quantum has publicly stated they will not use Lithium because its too volatile.  Quantum is a professional company around for decades and well known.  They would use lithium if they thought it was safe for their pro level photographer customers.  They do not believe its safe.

As for the battery packs being expensive, let me welcome you to the photography world.  Even the lens cap on my camera costs way way too much.  Thats just how it is.

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