Oly 17mm vs. Pana 25mm

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Re: Oly 17mm vs. Pana 25mm

You already have the 14mm, and the 17mm would not be a very large change in FOV from that, so it really would not give you a substantially different focal range than you are working with now.  The 25mm on the other hand is a perfect focal length for settings where the 45mm is too long, yet the 14mm is too wide.  It also has just the most beautiful image quality of any of the M43 lenses I have used to date (which is most of them).

When I am out and about, in town, I have the 14mm stuck on the camera most of the time.  Indoors, it's the 25mm.  I occasionally use the 45mm, but find the 25mm far more useful for everyday work in slightly closer spaces. If I am out doing nature shots, I am usually using telephotos (about 75mm to 300mm, with a lot of images way out at the 300mm end of things).  So, If I had to pare my kit down to four lenses, I would keep the 14mm, 25mm, 14-140mm, and 100-300 lenses....(and, if I was allowed one more, that would be the 12mm, although I find the 14mm more useful in street use).

The 25mm is a spectacular lens, in a very useful focal length, and would be my choice in your situation.


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