24mp sensor for m43? 3.2micron pixel pitch!

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Re: Let's hope not........

oklaphotog wrote:

But this doesn't really show it, you've picked a bright area of the scene instead of the shadows where the differences are much greater on any camera. Also you have used noise reduction. Most people going for ultimate image quality will use 0 luminance and try to stay away from more than 25 color and trade a little grain for better resolution.

Even with the noise reduction I have applied to the NEX-7 image there's more detail remaining than in the NEX-5n image with no noise reduction. You can back off the NR to trade grain for further detail in the NEX-7 image if you wish.

It's the subject you want sharp and detailed in an image, and usually it's going to be lit, so the performance on a non-shadow area of the image at high ISO is relevant.

For many of us we run from NR, as quick as possible. Here's a more realistic scenario between the two in the shadows. Left image is from the nex-6 uprez'd to the same size as the nex-7 which is on the right. ISO 3200 and no noise reduction. This shows what is really going on in the sensor.

I don't think this is realistic, unless you like chroma noise in the shadows. Kill the chroma noise with 25 reduction, and leave the luminance noise at 0 as you suggest, and you get parity in terms of noise (NEX-7 left, NEX-5n right):

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