Is it better for me to shoot JPEG as opposed to RAW if I dont do any PP?

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Re: Is it better for me to shoot JPEG as opposed to RAW if I dont do any PP?

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I don't really believe in using any PP software to alter an image too much. If I do, it's to lighten/darken certain parts of an image or to enhance the color a tad if it's been brought down by haze and such. I'm wondering though if maybe I'm better off using JPEG as opposed to RAW since the camera will automatically makes adjustments to the image? Or am I still better off shooting RAW?

Well, sometimes it helps,.....a lot. In the example below, one friend used my camera to take a picture, without adjusting the exposure (the camera was in manual). Using RAW and Lightroom 4.2, I was able to adjust the exposure (by 4.3 stops) and get  at least a viewable result.


Another example, this time with High ISO. The original without PP, using DPP. The second processed through Lightroom.


Yes but you can do this with JPG to.lightroom have A white balance picker.

It is just A white balance problem you corrected.

Well, actually no. If you check the exif of the picture, it was taken with the XTi at ISO3200, which means a lot of noise to control besides the WB.

While it is true that a JPG image can also be processed with good results, the processing of the JPG file (as opposed to using the RAW file) will produce some artifacts which are easy to see.

But more important to me is the fact that these PP tools are continuously being improved and produce outstanding results when applied to old pictures. I have used mainly DPP and Lightroom, since 2007, to process my pictures and I have found that a RAW picture originally processed with DPP in 2008, when I revisit it with the last version of Lightroom (or  DPP) the result is so much improved, like you have taken the frame with a different camera.

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