D600 vs d7100

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Re: Great lies are often surrounded by mythical subjects

Again, for the record, I plan to go FX this year, so fanboy of what ? Could be that you are a blind fanboy of FX ?

You must be really blind, how else could I explain your attitude and all the rubbish you write here ? I specifically said the FX combo will be better in IQ, but you obviously cannot read very well.

Don't pretend that 16mm ultra wide is the same as 18mm ultra wide. In UWA any mm makes a huge difference. You compare the 70-300mm VR with the 70-300mm G PLASTIC, really ?

And the most important thing, why do you compare slower lenses on FX ?  That cancel any ISO advantage, and in many cases the resolution advantage,  so what's the point again ?

Take my example, I want to go FX for the advantages I already pointed out. Now if I use your recommended lenses, I'm in the same place as with DX. It's obvious even for a 5 year old (are you more then 5?) that to get an advantage in noise, resolution and DOF control, I have to use lenses at least with the same aperture and quality as with DX. If I only get ,,equivalent,, lenses, I'm stuck with the same performance as with DX. Now I really want to see your comment to the above.

Now seriously, it's something wrong with you ? For the life of me I cannot explain how you don't understand a few basic facts.

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