Is it better for me to shoot JPEG as opposed to RAW if I dont do any PP?

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Re: Personal Preference Really

Klaus dk wrote:

scrup wrote:

It depends on what I shoot. If they are important images that are keepers then I will shoot in RAW. If they are random images for other people they will be in JPG. Most of my friends don't want to deal with software and conversion.

Sometimes you don't know it's a keeper until you have processed it. Shoot in RAW+JPEG. Only give JPEGs to your friends.

RAW is like the negative and JPG is like the print.

RAW images are just more forgiving when it comes to PP.

So why not? Memory cards are not that expensive, really?

It is a little bit like filter and no filter debate.

I don't agree. If the filter has introduced flare or blur, it might be impossible to get rid of and if the JPEGs are beyond repair, you can't recreate the RAW files. If you are satisfied with the JPEGs, you can throw away the RAW files.

it is personal preference. After shooting with the rebel line for over two years now, Im almost at the point I can set the camera to get my intended picture. I have a very good sense when to use raw for later processing and when it is unnecessary. I haven't lost a "keeper" shot in a while, but that does go with experience.

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