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Re: Printing from Aperture - Print Settings / Paper issue

Interesting as I just recently started using Aperture for my printing.  I formally used QImage for years but now I am using Aperture only because I wish to get rid of my pc and stay on the MAC.  I also am printing from an Epson 3800, not the 3880.

TeleView wrote

I have a perhaps slight issue when printing from Aperture.

I have a calibrated monitor, and I have calibrated paper using an X-Rite ColorMunki.

This produces a file - ICC - which Aperture sees, selected under "Rendering" / "Color Profile" where there is a list of ICCs including the ones generated and named by myself using the ColorMunki.

Yes, I don't have a generated paper profile, but use one of the canned ones from Epson.

However, when I print - which is selected by: "File" / "Priint Image"

then ... a new window environment engages, where there are various selections.

Under "Color Profile", the ICC profile generated by ColorMunki is selectable - which I do of course.

Also, there are two rendering options - "Relative Colorimetric" or "Perceptual", and also below these, a check box for Black Point. I have been using Relative Colorimetric, because it is a lighter image.

I also use these settings.

The next step is to actually print, and I push the print button lower right, and another final window comes up, which I presume is controlled by the printer's driver.

The printer is an Epson 3880, and my issue is that the output is slightly darker than my screen preview. However, the colours are spot on - quite perfect actually.

But ... the output is a touch darker.

I am concerned that when I select "Print Setting", the "Media" options are very few indeed.

For example, for "Media" / "Photo", they are Premium Luster, Premium Gloss or Premium Semi Gloss.

"Media" / "Photo" Plain paper cannot be selected, and neither can Fine Art papers.

In my Print Driver when I select "Print Settings" I then select "Media Type" which has 6 selections available - Photo Paper, Proofing Paper, Fine Art, Matte and Other.  Within EACH of these selections are further selections - I use Photo Paper to print using a Luster paper - the selections here are Ultra Prem Photo Paper Luster, Prem Photo Glossy, Semi-Gloss, etc.

(Of course I have turned off Colorsync as is evidenced by my Colorsync options not being selectable.)

Is the lack of paper selections why my output is a touch darker than what I expect?

I think you probably have the correct number of settings within your print driver.  When I was switching over to Aperture I did numerous tests printing the same file using QImage, Photoshop and Aperture for printing and each produced slightly different results, with QImage being the one I liked best, each using the same icc profile, paper type, etc.

Since I liked Aperture best as a replacement, what I did was create and save a print pre-set within Aperture to get its print as close to what I saw coming out of Qimage.  I slightly upped the brightness, saturation and contrast and output sharpness in Aperture, it only affects the print, not the file, and saved this setting as a pre-set to be used for my printing.

Now I can say I am more satisfied with the results.  This probably doesn't answer you question exactly, but I also had slightly different print output results out of Aperture - mine were slightly less saturated and just SLIGHTLY darker.  Also, I think the paper selections are all available in your print driver.  I realize the 3880 may be slightly different from my 3800.

Good luck,


Advise would be appreciated ...

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