Portrait Plus vs. Portrait Professional vs Portraiture

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Re: Portrait Professional - First Attempt

I've been trying Portrait+ too. But currently working with Portraiture. From all programs I tried, those 2 are the best ones.

Currently I think Portrait+ is the most advanced of all programs. It can really do a lot with simply one click. But its also easy to overdo it, since it alters so much that the model probably won't recognize his-/herself anymore. Especially if you enable shaping. But... if you don't care about this and you just want beautiful pictures, it produces by far the best results with only a few clicks.

What I found better in Portraiture is, that it can output a seperate layer in photoshop. This way you're able to alter the result. This program is a specialist for skin smoothing, so you have a lot of control over everything. But basically it just does smoothing and maybe a little color altering but nothing more. I think its the program to go for people who want to have a bit more control and remove wrinkles, blemishes and spots themselves in photoshop.
In my comparison you can see that the Portrait+ Photo is the most beautiful, but also you have the impression that it is a totally different person.

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