We really have a very good lenses choice. Agree ?

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Re: We really have a very good lenses choice. Agree ?

I made a graphical presentation of the M4/3 prime lenses here:


Since I made it, it has been outdated with some months, and a few lenses are missing. I should redo it some day.

What I am lacking, is more zoom lenses that include the "ultra" wide. E.g., a Panasonic OIS lens with specs like 12-50mm f/3.5-4.5, for example. That would be very useful.

Also, it would have been fun to have a circular fisheye lens available. With the short register distance of the M4/3 format, such a lens could have been designed very compactly. Unlike the Sigma 4.5mm f/2.8 circular fisheye lens for APS-C, which is HUGE.

And a compact, inexpensive ultra wide prime. E.g., 9mm f/4.5 at $300. That would have been a game changer for M4/3.

Apart from that, a long lens would be good. E.g., a 300mm f/4.

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