We really have a very good lenses choice. Agree ?

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Re: We really have a very good lenses choice. Is it important? :)

amalric wrote:

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

I go sometimes to Micro Four Thirds official site.

Today I was admiring the lenses pages.



I love lenses, It was my first fascination when I was a kid, to look trough the lenses from my father cameras. Then I started to do Photography and until now is my main fascination, I like very much cameras but lenses have something magic, and they are a better investment.

Well, that's your fetish then. Objectively to me this settles the question in regards to Fuji and NEX.

People also forget that the same lenses give a better performance with m4/3 bodies, and that's an important aspect.

However you forget, the third one. FF. There are clearly people more moneyed than others who feel the itch of sidetracking entirely the wealth of m4/3 and go FF, either conventional or mirrorless.

I predict the attraction of a Canon 52 Mpx will be irresistible. It might also be that most will buy a body and a couple of lenses, forget about it and then look for a new way to spend their money.

Will you be able to resist?

Wanting to have the full range of lenses of a system is of course the next madness, because you'll never make use of all of them. So one settles for the best of them, perhaps a dozen or more - and yet doesn't USE most. That shows the nature of greed: aiming to impossible things.

I really admire those who go on with a couple of lenses, and a body. HCB was one of these, but then he used his camera for work - a battered Leica.

Its resolution today wouldn't stand a chance against a m4/3 body, and good lenses are part of the equation. Holes in the lineup however make me smile.

We really live in the times of multiformat ownership.

Firstly: I saw this tread today, on the Forum..but the last post was updated two months ago..yet it was #3 down on the list of current

But...having read your post, there are a lot of truths in it. I also love lenses, and sometimes my greed has overcome me, when I've had the money..yet there are really only two I use much any more. 24mm and 19mm (48mm EFL and 38mm EFL) maybe an occasional 100mm EFL for a portrait. I'm not even sure why. Something I've contemplated for a while, and haven't received an answer from myself.

Yes we have an increasing choice of M43 lenses and almost an infinite choice of adaptable lenses, but...we can't stick more than one on a camera at a time. And there is that factor of really learning how to use the properties of one lens..what it can, will, and won't do.

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