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Re: If true it's a good step, but Microsoft has other UI problems

raminolta wrote:

I don't really see why you think Windows 8 is solely designed for touch screens. You, nor anyone else has ever brought a convincing argument that Win 8 is less efficient than the previous Windows for desktop usage. Tell me what previous windows with their start button can do that Win 8 cannot do?

Regarding the first point, even MS admits that W8 was designed with touch screens in mind.  Not solely for touch screens, but definitely geared towards touch screens.

Regarding the 2nd point, W8 may not be less efficient than W7 for desktop users, and it may be able to do everything that W7 can do (and more), but that is not the point.  The majority of the discussion on W8 has not been about its capabilities, but rather its UI.  Those are 2 completely different things.  This is why there will never be a "winner" to the arguments for or against W8.  Those arguing for W8 generally focus on its capabilities.  Those arguing against W8 generally focus on its UI.

I agree with a previous poster that 3rd party software is not an acceptable answer or solution to the UI issue, for several reasons.  First, you shouldn't have to install additional software to improve the usability of the UI.  Second, and probably most importantly, many/most users don't know about, or don't understand 3rd party options.  I'm not talking about users like my 13 year old daughter.  I'm talking about users like the majority of my business colleagues who use their computers for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, contact and calendar management, e-mail, web surfing,  photo management (but not necessarily photo editing), etc.  In some respects they might be considered power users since they are using their computers up to 8 hours a day.  On the other hand, they are not necessarily technical experts with a great understanding of the mechanics of how their hardware and software runs and operates.  Lastly, as W8 matures, there is no guarantee that 3rd party programs will continue to work, or continue to work in the same manner.

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