Primes vs Zooms

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Re: Don't listen to these wishy-washy miscreants...

Stacey_K wrote:

They sure didn't seem overly impressed with the 24mm f.14, the 24-70 @ 24 looks to produce the equal of this prime when both are at F2.8. It sure doesn't appear to be MUCH better like you continue to preach. At F4 the zoom is better. And the 24-70 is cheaper than this prime is. The prime is 620g the zoom in 900g so yes it is lighter and faster but is also a single focal length.

Sorry, but at 24mm, its weakest focal length, the 24-70 doesn't even begin to compare with the 24mm f/1.4g. There really is no comparison.

I would say that at 24mm the 24-70 is just about equal to the 24mm f/2.8D (I own both).

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