(100 - 400) or (70-200 2.8 + 300 4L+ 1.4x III/ 2x III) for wildlife photography

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Re: (100 - 400) or (70-200 2.8 + 300 4L+ 1.4x III/ 2x III) for wildlife photography

Kevin Jorgensen wrote:

I'd like to see you go from 300 to 400 in less than 2 seconds!

I have the 70-200f2.8L IS II and the 100-400f4.5-5.6L IS and am satisfied with both. I also have the .4 II extender but have no need for it

apart from the occasional moon shot as below. I used it on my 70-200f4L IS and wasn't impressed. You read a lot of crap about the 100-400 but its usually by people who don't own one. I have the trinity of Canon 2.8 II zooms but my 100-400 is my preferred walkaround lens. I, like you, am also thinking a 400f2.8 or 500f4.

actually, 100-400 is good versatile lens, can be used for general purpose as well! i have a 400mm f5.6 that i use exclusively for birding for a while now, although a very sharp and fast focusing prime, but i find it bare minimum reach for that purpose. the new canon tc 1.4xIII helps somewhat but not a panacea. for birding you get the longest FL you can afford. i have just ordered a canon 600mm f4 II and a 1Dx camera that will be waiting for me when i come home from my trip overseas in a couple weeks and i can hardly wait now that plus new canon tc 1.4xIII/2.0x III (which i have both) should give me plenty of reach to those feathered critters


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