In between lens sizes - Minolta 35-105mm glass?

Started May 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
Allan Olesen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,391
Re: In between lens sizes - Minolta 35-105mm glass?

JWDART wrote:

I opted for the Minolta 28-135mm. F 4 - 4.5 lens. It also has macro. Great lens. The only drawback is it is quite heavy. They were selling on ebay in the + or - $200.00 range.

There are more drawbacks:

  1. The 28-135 has a rather harsh bokeh. The 35-105 has average to exceptionally good bokeh.
  2. The sample variation in quality is quite large for the 28-135. The 35-105 does not have this problem.

But yes, if you are lucky to find a good 28-135, it is sharper than the 35-105.

I have both of these lenses, and I use the 35-105 most.

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