Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Elements for MAC

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Re: Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Elements for MAC

I have Adobe CS-6, which is now the last Photoshop being sold without requiring annual fees.

It is very powerful, but is essentially a pro version of Elements. As others have said, it allows layering of images, and other things, including even desktop publishing prowess. There is also an extended version which cost about an extra 50%.

Lightroom is very different, and is much much easier to use. Its great for photographs, and for printing. Also the Lightroom V4, works on both your Mac, and on Windows.

Hence, I recommend Lightroom.

However ...

I own LR 4, and also Aperture. And I found LR 4's learning curve fairly tough. But worst, I did not like its filing system.

With the mac, you already get iPhoto for free. And Aperture can use iPhoto's photo libraries.

I have now gone to Aperture, because its just much easier - for me - to use.

If printing what you see and getting it out of your printer, that's a tough ask. iPhoto and Aperture are the easiest ways to get that. But even Aperture will take some learning.

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