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Re: ND filter question

I your wanting an ND 10 stay away from slide in filter holder's.
The screw in ND 10 is sooo dark that I even have issues with the lens distance viewing window leaking light into the exposure. Im not talking a cheap lens either, its a pro grade lens and needs black tape over the window to keep it dark. Slide in filters allow light in behind them
However if you using ND Grad's the slide in ones are the way to go. I can't recommend Hitech slide in filters enough. For ND 10 I have a screw on B+W one which has a really warming effect to the image so it needs a grey card test shot.
If your not familiar with grey cards: Just get a cheap 6x4 or smaller if they do one from you local camera shop. You take your shots and the last one (assuming there has been no ambient light colour change) you take a single shot with the same setting but holding the grey card up.
Then in post processing,  you just get the grey point/White balance eye dropper and click on the grey card. Now you have a correct white balance and apply the numbers to all the images in the set.
 It may seem a lot of hassle, but it saves you loads of time in post production and because you know the numbers to be correct, you can edit on a non calibrated monitor, because even though it may look a funny colour on your screen, you are secure in the knowledge that the White balance in the file is correct. 
I first got a grey card because of my ND 10 colour cast. Now I shoot a grey everytime I get the camera out. It just makes life so much easier in post production..

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