What other software supports Abobe plugins?

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Re: What other software supports Abobe plugins?

Antioch,, you said it perfectly here. Many of my colleagues were, and still are brainwashed thinking Adobe is the greatest. It is not! Sure it can do some things others can't. But others can do what Adobe can't! When I showed to one of my (Adobe user) colleagues what Corel Technical suite could do, their response was OMG, I had no idea.

Antioch wrote:

Photoshop Replacements could be, among others:

PSP X5 is on sale for $ 40 at corel website.

PSP X5 Ultimate is on Sale for $ 70 at corel website.

I can also tell you, that you really do not need to upgrade to the latest version of Photoshop. Photoshop was a difficult program to learn, so most of the money invested is in the time it took to learn photoshop. I have purchased over the years, 39 books on how to use Photoshop, plus read many magazines and articles on the web, literally 100's of tricks and solutions. So I can tell you, that I could do in Photoshop 7, anything the new version of PS can do, except it will be a bit longer, and some of the latest plugins wont work in PS V7, like Nik Filters, or Portrait Professional and such.

And if you think about it, 99 % do not use all the features that are available in the latest versions, and have you considered why you would want to use these new features. Do they actually make your photos better. Adobe has brain washed everyone into believing they need the latest, to compensate for their inadequacies, or to believe that somehow their pictures would be sensational.

Also note, the the older versions of Photoshop will work in Win 7, Win 8, but the newer versions of Photoshop will not work in older versions of Windows like Win 95.

I am sure my CS5 will work for at least 10 years.


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