Primes vs Zooms

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Re: Primes vs Zooms: Disagreement

vbuhay wrote:

I know this debate has been discussed here many, many times and its still going on. I was thinking about this yesterday while reading some post here and listening to a baseball game at the same time and it dawned on me:

Primes are for homeruns, Zooms are for base hits. Either way , we all need runs. Enough said!


You can't hit a homerun unless you get to the plate, & a zoom gets more plate appearances--period! Technology now produces zooms which meet & (sometimes exceed) the performance of primes, often @ several, key focal lengths.  This means, with one good zoom, a photographer has powerful versatility, coupled with amazing performance: many primes in one piece of glass.

But the bottom line is the photographer--the Photographer makes the shot, not the lens.

.................................................................the hitter makes the homerun, not the bat.

Anyone waiting for his/her lens to hit homeruns, whether they be primes or zooms, will be waiting, and waiting, and waiting....


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