EPL5 vs EPL3 vs EPM2 You have helped me b4, I am going to buy tomorrow

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Re: EPL5 vs EPL3 vs EPM2 You have helped me b4, I am going to buy tomorrow

Bernard au Clairvaux wrote:


You have been helpful with comparisons on m4/3 b4, and I was going to get an EP3 but was a day too late.

I will buy this maybe tomorrow but definitely by Saturday.  All 3 of these have the std collapsable zoom.

EPL5 w/ lens 525.00

EPL3 w/ lens 400.00

EPM2 w/ lens 425.00

Cross the EPL3 off the list.  It's the older generation sensor and does not have most of the features you are looking for.

Between the EPM2 and EPL5.....I (briefly) had an EPL5 and did not care for it; could not get it comfortable in my hand and I kept accidentally knocking the mode dial.  Photo quality was great, though.

I decided to give the EPM2 a try, though, as the grip is a little different and it is just a little bit lighter in weight (and no mode dial to accidentally knock out of place...since I shoot about 95% in Aperture priority, for me, the mode dial is not essential on a very small body like this...YMMV of course).  So far, I am very impressed with it.  It's tiny, the rear screen is visible even in daylight, and Oly corrected a few things in earlier models that make using this one much improved.

Focus seems fine on all 3.  Mode dial seems like a big plus.

Focus on the EPM2 seems to lock better and faster than the older models; I have actually found it faster than the Panasonic G5, which is a surprise to me.

Do all 3 have the slight issue of focus box size being too large?

EPM2 and EPL5 can have a tiny focus box that stays tiny once you select it; EPL3 does not.

Are any of the above worse in manual focus with auto focus lenses?  with viewfinder?

No, all work the same with that, and EVF is the same.  Not sure if the newest EVF that they will be announcing will work with the EPL3 though. (VF4).

Are any of the above worse in manual focus with manual focus lenses w/ adapter? with viewfinder?

No, all should be good with them

Is lack of a handgrip a big issue on EPM2?  Could the larger assessory handgrip from EPL5 be modified to work?

I actually find the tiny grip on the EPM2 to work fine.  The EPL3 I had a devil of a time holding correctly.  The only grip that can be altered is the EPL5 one, which can take the larger grips they have available.

To be honest, I am leaning toward the EPL3 as I think focus speed and accuracy is real similar.

Do yourself a favor and don't get the EPL3.  Get the EPM2 for the $25 more, or save up for the EPL5.  Image quality in darker or high dynamic range situations on the EPM2 and EPL5 is just that much better that you will regret it if you go with the older model body.

EPM2 is much better made than I thought, but doesnt have mode dial.  Also doesnt have a tilt screen, which I kinda like for durability, but the tilt screen on the others seems fairly durable.

It's a surprisingly nice camera, and if you plan to get an EVF, those tilt, so non-tilt screen is not a giant deal.

I kinda felt the touch focus was interesting, but also activated shutter simultaneously.  Perhaps this is great, and would be the only way it could work well, but I took quite a few images accidentally.

You can turn off touch shutter.

Hope this helps...

Here are a couple of shots with the EPM2 I took today....


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