All purpose lens set for beginner?

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Re: All purpose lens set for beginner?

1st learn what you need. Use your kit lens for 2 or three months.

if you need more reach, get the longer zoom.

if you feel all a lot of shots are too noisy or probably need something faster.

take out and set it at 35mm and leave it for the day. It will take getting used to, but see if you like the focal range, do the same for 50mm.

after a few weeks you still hate a dedicated focal length...stick with the zooms.

there is a lot you can learn just from the kit, explore it, and then you can identify your needs, and know why and how to use them, helping u improve, making the process more entertaining, and saving you from wasting money and still not having what you need.

also, 24mm is 36mm equivalent and considered standard.

I usually have a 24mm 50mm, and 100mm, sometimes 35mm and 135mm on me.

if shooting indoor  young kids or babies 50mm is great, or ok portraits of adults, 35 is min for indoor adults, imo, other than portraits, 24 preferable for indoor adults or dramatic kid shots with contextual elements. The 85 is moremspecialized for portraits of adults, or kids at playgrounds even.

Hopkinton anyway

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