EPL5 vs EPL3 vs EPM2 You have helped me b4, I am going to buy tomorrow

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Re: EPL5 vs EPL3 vs EPM2 You have helped me b4, I am going to buy tomorrow

Bassam Guy wrote:

Are you serious about an EPL3? You'll replace it as soon as you save some more money.

I don't know the EPM2 but I bought an EPM1 just to see if I could deal with m43 after a Nikon D200 DSLR. I found that I could and bought an EPL5.

With more dials and buttons you'll find the EPL5 easier to fiddle with - and the swiveling screen for me its far better than the EPM2.

However, for snap shooting and only occasional fiddling, the EPM2 may better suit you. But it has nothing that the EPL5 doesn't have.

Of the three, the only one that you'll surely not regret buying is the EPL5!

Unless the $100 has to come from your kids' lunch, you should not even consider the E-PL3.  The difference in image qaulity is really big in this time.  The higher resolution will let you crop your photos more, the higher ISO performance could save you when there is not enough light for to avoid blurred pictures from shaky hands or subject motion, when you need to stop down the lens for better quality, the much better DR will make bright sunlight shot possible, I mean capturing all the details in the shadows and sunlight ... ...  and those are just the advantages of the new sensor.  Then there is the AF, which is also significantly improved in speed and function (small AF box) in the newer cameras.  I think you should get the E-PL5, which is so far ahead of the E-PL3.  /For example, the E-PL3 does not even automatically rotate images for you.  No orientation sensor, really annoying when you have to rotate every photo.  And no grip, just a slippery flat surface.  And there also many improved features or specs in the LCD and the software.  Just read the reviews.

Don't even consider the E-PL3.  Skip lunch for 2 weeks if you have to and get the newer model.  Like others said, you will be looking at another upgrade before too long with the E-PL3, since every new mirrorless camera coming out is a significantly better camera.  BTW, the E-PL6 is only for the Japanese market, according to 43rumors.

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