Panasonic LX7 - Why?

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iAuto mode?

CloneBoy wrote:

What a silly thread, in that there are so many argumentative responses more or less denying that the issue raised is an issue instead of trying to solve it.  Realll stated a valid complaint about the LX7 (I have one, and it does what he said it does (poor indoor colors and mode selection in iA mode). Yes, Panasonic should release a firmware update to improve mode selection and/or AWB in iA and iA+ modes. I just checked their website at:

and there is no update for the LX7 yet (as of today, May 8, 2013).

For an indoor incandescent light automatic mode, I seem to get somewhat better (less yellow and higher shutter speed) results with the Scene (SCN) mode for "Pets". As others said, you can customize a P mode, and then store it in one of the user memories (C1 or C2) for use indoors. Hope that helps point-and-shooters until Panasonic improves the firmware for iA.

Hi CB,

Anyone who buys such a capable camera and then uses iAuto is not all that serious about the craft. That does not mean he is not serious about the image, but the craft is obviously secondary.

A creative person must take control of the artistic medium or suffer its limitations.

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA

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