Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Elements for MAC

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Re: Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Elements for MAC

realgeek wrote:

On the other hand, you can buy Pixelmator for the Mac for $15 right now on the App Store.  It's not as good as Photoshop Elements, but it's a similar/competing product.  And for $15, it's a steal.  So ... Lightroom 5 + Pixemator ... sounds like a good solution.  At least until you feel you need to upgrade to Photoshop proper.

This was going to be my suggestion - though I pair Pixelmator with Apple Aperture. I have PSE10 still on my iMac but have not used it since I decided to try Pixelmator. For what I do - outside of Aperture - Pixelmator is perfect. Probably will never bother upgrading PS Elements again.

As far as Lightroom vs Aperture - I loved LR when I was running a Windows machine. Since switching to a Mac, I like Aperture better. They both have their plus and minus points - you can find many threads and web pages discussing this ad nauseum. What I liked better about Aperture was (1) the way it is integrated into the Apple software seems better and (2) the way it handles file structure and it's libraries. But those are both personal preferences. As was stated, you can get a demo of LR. Don't believe there is a demo of Aperture available, but I might be wrong.

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