Lightroom 5 Beta and Snow Leopard

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Re: Lightroom 5 Beta and Snow Leopard

graybalanced wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

And spending $19 on something you don't need really breaks your heart?

Especially now, the cost of the OS is not the cost of the upgrade. It's the time tweaking and tuning the updated system

Which really isn't a lot of time if you don't spend your time trying to re-create pixel-for-pixel what the old system did. When I first installed Mountain Lion (as a beta on a clone), I was really hard-pressed to find any differences beyond a handful of things.

and paying for any necessary upgrades to other apps and utilities.

I normally anyway keep all my applications up-to-date as long as the updates are free or if I see value in the newer version. But I haven't updated Office since 2011 and Office 2008 also still works fine under Mountain Lion as Adobe CS5.

I have a Snow Leopard workstation that is really solid and I'm going to have to update its OS too. Not looking forward to it but I'm not that opposed to it except for the cost of the time resolving any OS-related issues with production software and the drivers for various peripherals. If I'm lucky there won't be very many issues.

Printers are probably the only potential headache (though my iDisplay calibrator also need a new software version for Lion and Mountain Lion).

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