(100 - 400) or (70-200 2.8 + 300 4L+ 1.4x III/ 2x III) for wildlife photography

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Re: (100 - 400) or (70-200 2.8 + 300 4L+ 1.4x III/ 2x III) for wildlife photography

I understand  your dilemma.  The question you should ask  yourself is which lens will get more use most often?  I recently switched to FF and my zoom is the 70-200 f4.  I have a hiking trip planned for this July and know I need more reach.  However, my normal use doesn't require 400mm zoom.  Therefore, I plan to rent for the week (a 100-400L).  I may add that lens down the road.  But, I feel the 70-200 will suffice the majority of my needs.  Which is better?  I posed the question and got multiple responses.  Everyone has their opinion.  The answer is subjective.

Any lens in the caliber you've mentioned is an investment.  Purchase the package that gives you the widest variety to start and then build.  You can always rent and try or just rent for a special occasion.  Personally, I think you would get more mileage out of a 70-200 + a tele.  Clearly the f2.8 is faster and more versatile, but costs a metric ton more.  With the f4 and a 2x tele, you run the concern of speedy AF.  If the subject is still, there is nothing wrong with that setup.  I tested that arrangement at my local camera shop and even the pro's were impressed.  With a 1.4x, you get out to 280 and that's not that much reach. Tradeoff's kill this decision making process.  I know, because I'm expressing my personal thoughts and concerns.

If funds are no issue, spring for the 70-200 f2.8 + 2xIII tele.  If/when you upgrade to FF, this combo will come in very handy.  The 70-200 will be much more versatile around town.  I'm no pro, but have spent countless hours reviewing and debating the same needs.  Hope this helps.

Good luck.


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