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Re: Not candids

Midwest wrote:

amalric wrote:
Mere life logging is probably the death of the genre.

I've never read it put so well as 'life logging'. "People walking down the street. Check." Click.

There has to be something interesting going on to shoot!

If you think of it there are some points in common with War Photography, perhaps' ' f/8 and be there'.

Some photogs. did both. I have been documenting my city. After random shots I noticed that there are 'hot spots', places where people seem more alive, than in others. It is a small mistery. Even before understanding what it is, one shoots to get the hang of it. I liked the comparison to Jazz, one must be in tune with the movement, until people stop noticing you and your camera.

Then you can get incredibly close to them, shooting from the hip. The tradition is to use wides because they allow you to be physically involved, the opposite of being an external watcher. Some days I am receptive, some I am not. There is a warming up and then things start to happen. If not , one is not in tune with the environment, so no need to shoot.

However shooting every day with the same camera and the same lens, takes them away from the equation. So the OP must realise that it is a matter of constant training, with v. few keepers in the beginning.


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