From first effort at street.

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Re: From first effort at street.

Macx wrote:

I disagree, street photography is hard. It may look seductively easy, but snapshots of people on the street isn't enough to make compelling art. I agree that it's about getting the right moment, but unless you're the Mozart of photography there is no getting around doing hard work preparing the shot and doing your homework.

It doesn't just happen. You go to a place where you wish to capture something special, something that will engage the viewer, and then you wait for it to happen. You wait and you wait and you have plenty of time to try to read the scene and the people, figuring out where and when to position yourself, how to frame the shot and so on.

The OP did one better than most of us when we tried our hand at street photography for the first time. At least the subjects are facing the camera. But two people just strolling isn't really interesting. At least not without a context that makes it interesting which you have to provide in the frame as well. You want to capture something dynamic, an interaction between people in the street or between the subject and the viewer by proxy of your camera. Go where such interactions happen. Or you may want to capture a certain mood; go where the mood is.

For me, street photography is much harder than doing landscapes, cityscapes, architecture or portraiture. That's not saying that these subjects doesn't demand hard work to photograph, but in street photography, you're much less in control.

Maxc, first, I appreciate the tone of your response. I know a friend that carries a camera bag with camera gear everyday and NEVER takes a single shot. Ever. The camera weighs like 100lbs he says when he even thinks of shooting in the street. It isn't for him. Someone like that, I don't push. The OP is tempted to shoot Street. His desire warrants constructive reinforcement. Again this is all my attempt to offer positive reinforcement.



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