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IPS Monitor Choice


I will upgrade my LED TN panel monitor, ASUS VH238H to a new IPS monitor for better viewing angles and better color reproduction for my DSLR photos, but I have some interests and some questions about this;

- I want a max resolution of 1080P/1200P, because I game a lot and the higher resolution will require more graphics horse and I don't wanna switch cards every year.

- I'm so comfortable with 23/24''

- My budget, max $300.

- I'm currently looking into ASUS MX239H 23 inch AH-IPS because of the fast response time (5ms) so is this a true IPS monitor? What should I look at when purchasing an IPS monitor?

- I see lots of debates between sRGB and Adobe RGB but don't know the difference, my monitor also have a sRGB mode but I'm always on the standard mode, what the difference between the two mentioned and what should I use?

- I won't be printing my photos so I don't need a hardware calibrator or such things, I just want a good monitor that have perfect color reproduction, also how to calibrate it properly.

- Some folks state that web browsers and not color-managed, how can I know this? I almost use the latest version of Chrome.

- Lastly, with my current LED, I set contrast to 80 and brightness to 50, is this a bad calibration? When the monitor is on 70-75 brightness it causes to me eye-strain as too much light comes from it.

Thanks in advance.

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