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Re: Don't listen to these wishy-washy miscreants...

Stacey_K wrote:

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Stacey_K wrote:

Mssimo wrote:

Primes are much better.

That simply just isn't always the case.

Zooms are slow, big, only shart in the center, have a ton of CA and cost more money.

NC on that one.

If you like to compare a $2000 zoom with a 50mm f1.8...well the 50mm prime still wins.

You pick the absolute cheapest and easiest to make prime to compare with.

Lets try again with a 24mm lens. The 24 F2.8 is pretty much a dog. Soft edges and CA goes up as you stop it down. The only other prime is fast but the edges are soft until f5.6 and it's also almost $2000. For $1200 you can get the 16-35 F4 zoom, you get VR and "drum roll please" you also get a 16mm + a 35mm lens thrown in for free!

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If you are going to compare the latest zooms to primes, then compare them to the latest primes as well.

I did, the 24mm f.4 prime is the newest 24mm they have, the other option is the 24mm f2.8D. neither are super performers.

My point was, not all "primes and better than zooms" and not all "zooms are better than primes"..

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The nikon 24mm f1.4G is one of the best lenses on the market. Are you comparing its performance at f1.4 to the 24-70mm at f2.8?

On DXOmark, it ranks 9th for lenses tested on the D800. First place zoom on the list is the 70-200VRII, it ranks 24th.

I have the 70-200mm by the way..great lens.

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The DXO ratings are fundamentally suspect in this particular ranking as none of the primes in this range (save the 105 2.8 VR) has VR that provides at least a three stop advantage over the faster primes, focuses faster and substitutes for at least 4 primes in the range (70, 85, 105, 135, 180, etc). This is one particular instance where the zoom makes a compelling case (well at least until the (105 1.8 VR, 135 1.8 VR and 180 2.8 VR are released).
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